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The Beatles' discography


In their eight years of discographic career between 1962 and 1970, The Beatles published thirteen studio albums (une of them a double album), one compilation album, thirteen EPs (one of them double) and twenty singles. Their work was originaly edited in vinyl discs, but also in other media such as magnetophonic tape, cassettes and 4 and 8 tracks. From 1987, it also was edited in compact discs (CDs).

The compilation "A Collection of Beatles Oldies", originally pubished in 1966, was left out in the 1987 reissue of The Beatles' discography, nbeing replaced by the two compilation CDs "Past Masters - Volume One" and "Past Masters - Volume Two", that were additions to their original albums since they contained all the songs published to that day by The Beatles in non-LP format. This reissue also included the Northamerican album "Magical Mystery Tour", which originally was a double EP in the United Kingdom and which was converted into an album in the US by adding the singles published in 1967 to it.

The original band's recordings were remasterized again after 2005 using the latest technology available in this field, in order to reissue the groups' 1988 discographic cannon on November 9th, 2009. Besides editing all tThe Beatles' albums only in stereo sound, for a limited period of time there was a copilation box with their albums edited originaly in mono, entitled "The Beatles in Mono". Each disc in this box was a reproduction in CD of the original design that saw the lighth in its day of the group's albums in the UK. For the first time the compilatory albums "Past Masters - Volume One" and "Past Masters - Volume Two" were published as one in a double disc format..


This reissue of their music catalog in stereo was also sold in December of 2009 as a USB flash memory in MP3 and FLAC 24-bit formats. From November of 2010 on, this reissue was also made available for digital downloading in iTunes, from where the album Love and the three "Anthology" double albums were also made downloadable in February and June of 2011, respectively.